Here's a small sampling of the types of work we could do together

Illustration & Content development

In order to clearly communicate a concept, I have to understand it thoroughly. Part of why I love what I do is that I get to dig into the research and immerse myself in unique topics in order to visualize them effectively. I have a background in education (BEd) and love creating content that engages learners and helps spark an interest in the sciences. Here are a few examples of de novo content that I have created for a variety of audiences. 


figures for publication or presentation

I can work with you to clarify existing figures or create new figures that allow you to share your latest findings with the scientific community and beyond. Showcase your research in an impactful way - let's chat!


Animation - Project management

This is a selection of still images from my animation on Shigella flexneri, which I completed for the Department of Immunology at the University of Toronto as part of my Master's Research Project (MRP). My experience with 3D animation has more recently been in the capacity of a project manager, however, having a solid understanding of the production process allows me to more effectively manage large scale projects for my clients. 


Happy clients include